Ok what i do is go into the " Misc your songs " sectoin where poeple put there own songs there. If your band is not a UG band put your songs here. In the song name, put it like this " your bands name - your song name " Then i can see your band names. Then if i love at least 5 of your songs i contact UG a bunch of times telling them to make your band an official UG band. There for you become majorly popular!

∙ To become this popular, first put about 5 songs in that section.
∙ Now become my friend and PM me that the songs are there.
∙ If I like them Yay! you are on your way to becoming famous!

P.S. I have a band i am starting in that section, my songs are almost uploaded to it, my name is T Davis. So just go to misc your songs section then go to the t's then t davis. Thanks
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How do I post a forum myself. I have a question and I would like to ask someone...

Go to forums and then 'new thread' or something like that.
Yeah, this kind of thing won't fly mate.
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C wut I did thar Fishy?

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