Ok so I have a Fernandes Ravelle with the Fernandes Sustainer installed in. I've had it for maybe 3 years. The last year I really noticed that it was getting a lot of feedback. But I may just not have noticed it before.

Anyways, with the pickup selector flipped to the neck pickup (sustainer), I get a lot of white noise-type sound in the background. But if I flip the switch that turns on the sustainer system, the noise goes away.

With the pickup selector flipped to the bridge pickup (Seymore-Duncan, not sure what model), there is a small buzzing sound. It isn't nearly as loud as the neck pickup buzzing, but is still noticable. But if I touch anything metal on my guitar (like a volume knob, the bridge, etc.), that little buzzing sound goes away.

So I tell my guitar teacher and show him and he tells me that it's probably a small wiring problem and that I should take it in where I got it. So I take it in and drop it off. An hour later I call the place and the guy says theres nothing wrong with it. So I take it home and there's nothing different about it.

So is there something wrong with it, or could it just always have been like that and I just didn't notice. I should add that it's barely noticeable at very low volumes and clean sounds. If anyone even has an opinion it would be extremely helpful.
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Well it does it at the amp at my guitar lesson too
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sounds like a bad earth or a bad connection on one of the wires or connection on the pickup switch. check all the connections are not lose or broken.
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I opened my guitar up today and it didn't look like there was anything loose. And the guy that I took it to didn't notice anything either. But I have two questions:

1. Does the silencing of the buzzing of the bridge pickup when I touch something metal definitly indicate a problem?

2. It has a battery pack that is a bit hard to get the battery out, so I might have tugged the wire connecting to the battery a little hard. Could this cause the problem?
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hey I have a Fernandes too, if you didnt actually pull the wires for battery, it won't cause any problem. So I don't think that's your problem. Have no idea what your problem is though....maybe replace your batteries once ?