so im trying to learn this song so im playing the riffs in it over and over, is this bad? or should i just like know how to play itnaturally... because i see some people doing that and it makes me mad lol

like i started learning a song last night thast pretty fast and i keep hittin the wro ng strings.. allthough i do play it better then i did last night
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keep practicing...nothing wrong with that at all. I find I lack a certain focus when learning something new and it takes me alot longer than other people to grasp something so I have to put in alot of practice while some people hardly put any in.
Repetitive practice of small portions of a song is usually the fastest way to learn. Just make sure you learn the rest of the song, too, and don't rest on your laurels after learning the riff -- many beginners just do the riffs and neglect the study of full songs.
Those some people don't magically play a riff at one try. They practiced other riffs so much that it comes naturally to them after a while. Like i spent hours on the main riff of Seek and Destroy when i started but i can handle almost any Metallica riff with just looking at the tab now.
Let's go back to five billion bpm and see how good i am.
The stuff that you don't play perfectly the first time is what you should be practicing.
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