Hi everyone,

I changed my old strings today and replaced it with brand new D'addario...

I was happy 'till I noticed that the guitar went out of tune after 5 minutes each time I tuned it... I don't understand why !

Any help with that ?
New strings always go out of tune, nothing to worry about. Just keep playing, and after a day or two, they should be just fine.
it happens with classical guitars a lot, its not the particular strings you bought as it happens with every pack of classical strings you will buy, classical strings are way more of a bitch than electric strings, its taken me up to a week to break them in. the fastest way to do this is just tune the guitar half a step roughly above standard, the added tension sometimes with loosen them up
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yeh tabassco is right

just grab the strings around the middle area and just pull a bit
it stretches them out
might make the tuning problem stop

now if youre having that problem for a long tim,e,just tie the strings around the tuning peg
'itll stop it from slipping and going out of tune
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add that:
Stretch the strings out!
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Here's the procedure once demonstrated to me by my former string salesperson; put your thumb at one side of a string near the bridge and your index- and middle finger on the opposing side of the string. Now stretch that piece of string by twisting your hand three times, your two fingers pushing the string to one side and your thumb pushing it to the other. Move your hand a few centimeters and twist again three times. Repeat this again and again till you worked your way along the string all the way down to the nut. Then work the other five strings likewise.
Not that this method works noticably better then the others, or noticably better than no artificial stretching at all; the coming week your guitar will drop out of tune every other song no matter what, but it reduces the risk of break a brand new string in the process. Overtuning or pulling in the middle makes for a lot of undue stress concentrated at the points where the string meets the nut and the saddle. The sqeezing method prevents that.
Ok thanks

I'm happy, my strings are perfect now ... No worry to have finally...