Don't Exist - This one sounds mostly like a punk song. The intro is a bit awkward, but once the verse starts the timing seems all sorted out. The vocals are a little drowned out in the verse by the guitar but they're fine in the chorus. i can actually hear Beck's influence on the chorus, which i really like because it seems like not too many people are being influenced by him. Oh and i love the doubled octave solo. good song overall, nice and catchy.

Orange fall - i didn't expect an acoustic song but it has a good rhythm. I don't love the effect on the vocals.. it sounds like theres some echo or something. I like it a lot better when the drums come in though. It seems to get pretty repetitive after a while... this one just doesn't stand out to me as a great "ballad" or whatever you're going for. It sounds alright... a bit sloppy though.

Frozen Orgasm - sweet intro, first off... sets it up for a big rock sound which comes from that first chord. Verse has great drums behind it, sounds like beck again. Once the guitar comes back in, it sounds good... i was just kind of expecting a big chorus, that just kind of explodes. all the instruments do sound good though. And the "annoying noises" solo - very beck haha i really like it. kind of drowns out the vocals, but that might be what you were going for.

You don't have to hide anymore - it has a good catchy progression. repetitive and basic though. the chorus sounds just a little thrown in there, since its the same progression as the verse (or at least very similar). honestly, it just got a little boring by the end.

I really liked the rock songs, and the acoustics were good, they just seemed repetitive by the end. please check out mine? it already has a bunch of comments but those are from BEFORE it was finished.

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Don't exist - vocals are drowned out by the guitar but they sounds decent from what I could here. guitar solo seems to hit a real sour note around 1:29, and overall I don't think much of the effect or w/e you've got on that guitar during the solo. Just sounds kind of weak, maybe needs more crunch to it?

Orange Fall - again vocals too soft compared to guitars. IMO the main riff is a little high pitched to really be enjoyable, kind of sounds like someone just plinking away on a guitar making noises (not that its that bad or dissonant - that's just what it reminds me of being all higher pitch).
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