Hey UG, I got my audition piece for my school's jazz bass program today, and I just had one question. In this one measure there are weird little triangle symbols above the notes and over the staff. They look sorta like this ^

I feel like I probably know what this means, but I forgot over the summer. Can anyone fill me in on what it means?

They are over quarter notes if that helps.
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if if what i think ur describing then it means accent the note....
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i think that's called a marcato. it just means to "attack" the note more than the others. i hope you understand what that means i can't really find a good way to describe it.
Ah, right! I knew I had seen it somewhere before . Weird, I can't remember ever coming across it in my classical studies but I see it all the time in like metal songs and stuff, haha.

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pick or finger the note slightly more precisely and pronounced. it's an accent mark, or "marcato"
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im just gonna put "accented" so i get another post to my total. lol
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Its technically an accent or one of those names, but many jazz musicians and teachers will refer to it as a house top (insert note value here)