I might get a Valve Junior. Anything I should know about these amps before hand? also, what Cab would be good for it?

I plan on putting a fuzz pedal, and my RP250 infront of it as well. Would this be bad sounding? Also, I see that it only has one control for volume, does this include gain?

Thank you in advance, sorry if someone had this thread already, i didn't use the searchbar -puts up flame shield-

umm...anything you need to know? its a 5w amp, you should put some quality tubes in there to make it sound great?

as for cabs - you could just get the VJr cab

any multi effects unit wont sound as good as single analog effects.

and, if you turn the volume up, the gain increases with it - what i do with my champ is i play it at about 10 (out of 12), max the volume on my guitar for gain/OD and turn it down for cleans...


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thanks =] Also, does it get loud? like, bedroom practice definately, but if I'm playing at my school with the Jazz Band, would it be enough to cut through the mix well enough?
Try also the Blackheart Little Giant, the reviews are good.
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