Hey guys i would appreciate it if you could check over my bands remake of the terminator 2 theme tune which is on my profile.

I would especially appreciate comments about the mix as this is one area im trying to get as good as possible.

yeah its pretty good, if it was me id tend to throw in a few harmonics here and there and prob rip off some sort of solo...............but thats not to everyones cup of tea.
What you said is what were actually planning to do but we just wanted to get a quick recording up for now.

Plus our lead guitarist quit last thursday so we had nobody to do a solo as my solos are always of the slow melodic kind and wouldnt really fit with the track.
I like it. While the lead guitar is playing the Terminator theme, that's when you should add the solo, have it going in behind the main theme, and still above the rhythm. Great job!
Man, that was sweet!

I've never heard a metal version of that song before, but you guys pulled it off nicely. The lead sounds awesome on top of the chunky rythym.

Overall, 10/10

Thanks for the comment on my cover of One by Metallica!
I appreciate it.

If you do in fact want to do those intro solos for it, just comment me on my profile.