Hey guys, so I got rid of all my old practice stuff (to scrounge up money for my new rig, most of money is gone to living expenses for moving out), and now I have a Schecter HellRaiser, beautiful Guitar.

I'm looking for suggetions for a setup for my style of music that will work for under 1K. I'm more into just an Amp and go kinda guy, but any suggestions are good.

I mainly play blues, but I also play a butload of metal/hard rock, some rock. But all that I really care for is the blues and metal tones.

Suggestions pleeeaaasssee
get a bugera 333XL 212 which is about 700$ (canadian) and a tube screamer, the amp already has a nice tone for blues, but the pedal just really compliments the sound. i suggest trying the amp though, its similar to a peavey valveking. the emphasis on similar! it has amazing distortion which blows your mind, and then one of the better clean tones from a tube amp, very jazzy.
For metal, you need a high-gain amp with a built-in overdrive or distortion. Marshall combo amps are good for the price but if you're willing to pay $1000, then get a peavey head. Just raise the Mid with a medium bass and treble for a good metal tone. For blues, try scooping out the mid, raise the bass and keep the gain high. If you're playing blues with your neck pick-up, then lower the gain and raise the treble. You can do this with any amp but Peaveys are great for Metal and Marshalls are decent for everything.
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