I've seen that Ibanez has make to Les Paul models. Got someone those guitars? And how they play how is the sound? My uncle got one so maybe i can buy it from him :P.

Almost thanks

Gitaar Man
They're pretty much your generic 'lawsuit' era guitar.

Open book headstock, bolt-on necks etc...

I say if you want a copy, go for a Tokai, Burny, Fernandez (Which is pretty much Burny) or Greco guitars.

Orvilles are pretty killer too.
Ok, thanks for the tips. Do you know what the prices are when you can buy them in a shop?
They'll range from 400-1500 bucks considering the model and the condition.
Old Ibanez Gibson copies were very good, if you look late seventies, ebay or Gumtree will be your friend on this.
The really old ones, early seventies were made in the same factory as grecos.
Ibanez due to being sued changed their style, and now are one of the best around, but they started out just copying fender and Gibson.
If you like the old Ibanez, make sure you look at the other so called lawsuit guitars, Tokai,Greco, it is rumoured that they are better then the same period of times Gibsons, hence the lawsuit