Hey, i'm wondering if it's really worth spending the money on a Guyatone Mmx Metal Monster, or do i just get a metal muff instead?

Is their a huge difference?
Is it worth spending the extra dosh on a Metal Monster?

If there is a huge difference, would i not be able to match the brute power of the metal master by using something like a bad monkey along side a metal muff?

My current amp is a Laney Tt20 Head and cab. If that helps the decision.

I play anything from Neo-Classical shred, to brutal death metal. In my band i play Deathcore if you will. Think of Chimaira, with Killswitch type chorus'.
first the metal muff slams, i dont play metal but the MM can certainly reach some brutal power, it really depends on what amp your using, is it pedal friendly, is it tubed, and so on. second im not a fan of guyatone but do like there fuzz pedal.

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some good vids of each pedal on youtube. i have and love my metal muff!
The Guyatone MMX sounds massive.

It's much like a Recto. It's definately my favorite metal pedal.
its depends, is your lany tubed? i think it is. and the MMX will sound awsome cause its being paired up with a tube amp. so thats equals massive gain.
Swift, but i'm unsure on paying that price range for something so small. lol. I'll try out the Metal Muff for now, if i like it, i'll keep it. Otherwise i will try and get the mmx.

It's hard to get the Mmx as well where i live. Small place, hard for music shops to import it as well.