So many people bash Guitar Hero and the people that play it. I know people shouldn't waste their lives on it trying to nail Through the fire and flames on expert but if, like me you play for a few minutes and then spend hours on a real guitar, how can it be a bad thing?

It got me into many bands and inspired me to learn their songs. How can you that be bad?

Playing Guitar Hero got me into Slipknot(flame shield raised),Priestess,Killswitch Engage,Mountain and a load of other bands.

So I ask you: how is this game a bad thing that deserves constant abuse?
It doesn't.
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its because of the lame people who brag about being good at it and think they can play real guitar too, when half of them couldnt play smoke on the water if they tried.

of course, what i said doesnt apply to those who are good at both.
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