soo.. i could use some help.

my brakes on my car don't work. i was driving to work this morning. get cut off by another car, slam my brakes because i was close to hitting it... and when i slammed them, something snapped .. or something and now my brakes dont work. i push the pedal down... nothing happens, my car continues to idle.. no idea what is the exact problem is.. anyone care to help out?
Go to a garage. No?
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Go to a garage. No?

Crazy, but perhaps crazy enough to work!



So your brakes have gone? Take it to a mechanic or a garage.
It's usually a quick and cheap-ish job.
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If it from before the 90's you might be able to do it yourself.

However, the fact that you asked in the pit suggests to me you would be MUCH better off letting a garage do it....
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