I've looking for some advice and I know someone here can probably help me out

I intend to insert samples into the music i'm working on, things from outside the house, bird noises and shouts and **** like that. I need a device to do it with, so obviously the requirements are that its portable and with good recording quality, even if that means I need to use an external powered microphone.

After some googling I discovered that devices built for this purpose seem really expensive, but then I remember that my old Minidisc that I had years ago would have actually been perfect for what I'm doing (I was totally sucked in by the first 20gb ipod and traded it in unfortunately )

So should i maybe get a Minidisc and a nice mic (which is on the cards anyway) or has someone got any experience with what I want to do and maybe have some other ideas for me?

Cheers in advance
Whats your budget?

I use MiniDisk recorders for field recording all the time. They really are a nice thing to have. You will also want a nice shotgun mic, boom poll, shock mount, and wind screen.

I suggest a nice Senn shotgun mic. Don't cheap out though, I've worked with cheap shotguns and they are worthless. Stay in the $500+ range.

This Senn ME67/K6 is quite nice.

When it comes to picking out a recorder look into features like nice preamps and phantom power for the mic unless you plan on running it with batteries...

Here's some to look into:

I have used the FR-2LE at college and its a fair unit for the price. I think the MiniDisk units have a better sound quality but you pay more for that...
I was happy enough with the Fostex.

Lastly, I dont know if you will be working with video but if you are, get a unit that records with a general Time Code so you can match it to the video.
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Also check the Zoom H2 or H4 units. They record to flash memory, and the mic (it is actually a pair of internally mounted capsules) is of quite good quality. You can record to mp3, wav, etc., and then bring your samples into your recording software. It's about the size of an electric shaver and easy to use.

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Budget/quality are main issues. But I would try maybe some free methods first, to determine if quality is good enough or not, you might be surprised what you can do.

I have used MP3 player (with built-in recorder), a digital camera (with audio/video recorder), and a camcorder which usually has a senstive area mic. All of these are very portable, and you probably have at least one of them. Then just play your recording back and record direct via your sound card, or if you can get the WAV or AV file transferred to your PC, just record what you hear on your PC or add that file to your project. I have done birds, lightining, rain, etc all like this with good enough results for my purpose.
My budget is really pretty low. I know its not ideal but I've no choice just now!
To be honest, I'm really only starting out, my M-Audio USB is in the post! So at this point superb sound quality isn't a big deal. I tend towards a more garagey sound anyway which is a bit more forgiving in that department.

I think I will try the Minidisc route for now. I've a couple of cheaper mics that interest me:
a Sony stereo mic which is recommended for minidiscs, the ECM-DS70P. And the PCM-6100 which seems to get lots of good reviews here: http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Microphone/product/Takstar/PCM-6100/10/1

Anyone have any personal experience with either of these, or similar mics in a similar price range?

I'll keep updating this thread with my progress regardless, maybe the answers to my questions will help others eh?