Poll: What can you hear up to?
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View poll results: What can you hear up to?
1 1%
0 0%
1 1%
6 4%
4 3%
11 8%
8 6%
20 14%
24 17%
19 TO 22KHZ
64 46%
Voters: 139.
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uhh, I can't hear anything, mainly because there isn't anything to hear.

There you go
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I could JUST ABOUT hear all of them, if I put my ear to the speaker.
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lol i did it with my computer speakers and they cut out at 17.4 so i voted for 17.4

but i just plugged into my headphones and i can can now hear the whole range rite down to 22khz so im all good sry for votin wrong lol
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EDIT: Oh, I didn't get the frequency thing. I can go pretty high. Occasionally I hear high sounds that no-one else can.
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I think you did the poll wrong. the 19-22 should all be individual options.
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I can hear all of them with the volume on high, but I would hate to have one as my ringtone...
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Man, I stop at around 16.

Same here, everything after 17 is just white noise.
And I'm only 19, so in theory I should be able to hear most of them.
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through my computer speakers, i can barely hear 18, im 16 years old, but im thinking that because of constant concerts and loud amps, i figured im going deaf anyway.
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i can hear up to 21
very very faint, but distinguishable
22 is just nothing for me
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I can hear all of them and i'm over 18. Does this mean that i win?
I could only here 18 and 19 when I turned my speakers up and put my ear to the speaker. at 20 i got nothing. I'm 18.

I thought it would be worse because of so much loud music and stuff
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I am deaf in my left ear and have minimal hearing in my right ear
and i am 89 years old

Same here, except the 89 years old part. Serious, I have like 50% hearing in my right ear and 10% in the left. I wear a hearing aid in the right and am kinda lost without it, although I can read lips.

I did not do the test thingy, but know that my high pitch sound level is low, while my lower pitched level sound is alright considering. I am able to pick up most of what people say.
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Is it harder to hear the higher or lower numbers, I heard all of them.
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Is it harder to hear the higher or lower numbers, I heard all of them.

I can only hear up to 15khz. But I already knew my hearing was crap
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I quit hearing right around the 2nd 24 and younger one.... I'm 16..... ugh.
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My hearing is weird.

When people are talking to me, they keep needing to repeat stuff because I have bad hearing.

I have tinnitus.

I can hear TVs when they're on mute (a high pitched noise, like that mosquito thing).

And with these mosquito noises, I can hear 18khz with speakers, 22khz with Senn headphones, and 17khz with iPod earphones. So I have no idea.
can barely make out 22, so ill go with 21

lol, try playing like 5 of them at the same time, fun
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nothing past 16
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TBH i could still hear the 22 KHZ one with my iPod headphones - though i thought particularly the last three were particularly difficult to pick out because they were so quiet.
My laptop charger makes a higher pitched noise than all of these and i still here it (just so you all know im not hallucinating loads of people in classes are like "wtfh is that high pitched noise?").
I'm 17 BTW - just for the whole age thing.
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