I went to Pittsburgh guitars yesterday to look at some Vox amps. I really liked the AD50VT and the AD30VT. I originally was going to get the 50 watt, but it wouldn't it in my dorm room. It would be fine if I was at home, but its a no go here at Duquesne. The 30w seems a lot more practical, and it sounds pretty much the same.

My current amp is a Fender 65r. It sounds like ass. Thats pretty much all there is.

What I'm confused about is how the Vox sounds so much better than the Fender when the Vox costs less than the Fender on Musicians Friend.

My budget is $400-500. Should I buy the 30w Vox or look for a more expensive tube amp that still fits in my dorm? Or stick with my Fender and take the suck like a man?
get a valve JR it's 5w but it sounds like ten and the sound you get from it is beautiful, but it's pretty much just a practice amp..
whats your styles?

i'd say blackheart 1W solely for practise
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Valve Jr is pretty cool, tried one for the first time a little while ago.
I'd probably get a micro cube or something if I was in a dorm though. Theres no way you're going to need 30+ watts in a dorm.
My humble opinion is that 30 watts is too much fora dorm. Your RA will come knocking on your door before you finish the intro. I'd say go for a 1 or 5watts tube amp, they're affordable and sound good for the most part, plus you won't need to play them at 1.5 all the time. Blackhearts and Epiphone Vj are good choices.
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To Bismark, the Vox's wattage is scalable, so I can get the tone I want and then turn it down. It also has a line-out for headphones and recording.
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check my profile for clips of the ad30vt, awesome amp
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