It's on my profile called "Don't know..."

so yea... really don't know what to say about this song , it's different from my other stuff thats for sure...

but i really like it

i hope there is no part the same as in an other song
if so , sorry , i don't listen to "that genre" that much so i woudn't know , just tell me and i try to change it

(that's it , you can listen to the song now if you want to. i look forward to read your comment . )

for some more reading:

it's kind of strange how i came up with it.
i was really bored the other day and i had the glorious idea to open up guitar pro
and randomly right click on the fredboard ... TOTALLY RANDOM ...
i did this a second time , just a little lower on the neck

then i gave that a listen , and found two bars that actually sounded interresting , from there it first formed into some horror circus melody ... really creepy.
after that it somehow morphed to the song

(without the creepy circus thingy , .. but i try to do something with that one to.. but it's hard to get out of that melody grr)

erm yeah....
i just butchered the english language.

oh and c4c ofcourse!
english is not my native language
I like it, the distorted guitar riff sounds great and the acoustic parts compliment it nicely. Not 100% on that little frogjumping/spring noise that you've got throughout the song... don't know what you actually call it or if you know what i mean. Not a big fan of the fast drumming near the end of the track, just a little too dissonant for my taste.

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