I need some help, I have to do an oral presentaion on a school rule, so i decided to do that I think we should be allowed to listen to mp3 players when we're doing work. Can anyone help me do a really cool oral presentation?


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Heh oral.....

In a school
Hull City A.F.C

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hehe oral,hehe
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Alright, in all seriousness (although I did chuckle at the above), the only point I can think of is that some people work better with music playing instead of in silence. I do, at least.
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God, some people....
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OK, haha, oral, now can ya'll help me with my assignment????? please? free internets for whoever's advise I use!!!
Have oral with the teacher, whilst wearing headphones?

Well, talk about how music, is awesome and school isn't and that you're smarter then a teacher because she's a *****....

There we go.
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Make your own homework.


(thread can go on with the oral part)
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