So, when I wanna learn chords, should I just try to learn all the chords, or take it easiest first etc. I dunno what to do. Do I even need to learn a lot of them?
i know there are numerosu threads about learning chords but my query is the aproach to learning them, like all at one time, easiest first etc.
Find songs that you want to learn how to play, then learn them as you need them. After a while you will start being able to move them around, and to modify them as you want to. It takes time, but hey, you have the rest of your life, right?
i would suggest just learning all the major and minor chords. i started with c g and d major and then learned another chord everytime my fingers memorized the placement
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but couldnt i just sue tab?

Learn some chords. When I started to learn chords I learnt how to play A (x02220), D (xx0232) and E (022100), and just got used to changing between these. Practise these chords up, and do some rythymic changes. Once you've got that down, start looking at C, G, A minor and E minor. The amount of songs with just those seven chords is more worth the hour or two it will take to master them.
I would suggest learning the open chord shapes and then learning how to construct chords; if you know how to form chords you won't have to go out and find shapes, you'll be able to make them yourself.
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