Hey guys, i've read so many threads on how to export wav files from gp4 and 5

but none of them has helped me into actually getting it to work properly

Can someone kindly walk me through the proccess?

the wav files i export are blank
or just noise ?
Ok I have the same problem too but i think this works:
First, don't set your volumes at above 12-13. Then go to "convert to wave" call it whatever you want. Then hit the button to start recording it, and press ctrl+space. When it gets to the end of the song it will stop automatically. If you find the file and its not ".wav" just change it to it and it will work. Hope I helped
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i can churn out wav files,
but the thing is, there's nothing in them

if i import them into a sound editor like adobe audition/cool edit pro

there aren't any sound waves, just a line ?
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