can anyone tell me which amp and pickups are best to replicate his sound please?
i have a mim standard strat
He uses standard vintage strats and (I think) a Gretsch White Falcon (live only I believe).
He loves the sound of a strat (the way it is, without extra pickups or whatever). I don't know about amps though. Marshall tube?
a vintage marshall plexi would be your best best amp-wise I think.
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Well, for pickups, maybe get some '57/'62 Fender ones, they'll give you the thing tone. Amp wise, maybe something in the terms of a valve Marshall. Like a JCM 800. That'll get a nice tone for it, if you set it right.
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thanks, so if i put some 62 p ups in u think i could i get close with a vox ac 15 amp? cos my friend is selling 1 cheap
An AC15 might have too thick a clean sound, but it could work. I found i could get close to his clean sound thru a Crate V-series with a MiM Strat. He uses '70s Strats, so maybe get some Custom Shop '70s pickups. And he only uses a White Falcon for Californication, the song, so dont worry about that.