I think I've figured out sweeping now, so does anyone know of a sweep that is like 1 chord I guess you would call it? but I can sweep up and down on that for a while or maybe like two for example like down-stroke on D then upstroke on maybe like G? but not like that something that sounds pretty good (sorry for all of the confusion) thanks in advance.
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3 string sweeping is good. Check some of the intro from Towards dead end by children of bodom, theres some good sweeps there. That really helped me learn
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3 string diminished arpeggios.

Minor Arpeggios, i.e.

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I can sweep going down, but I can't bring it back up ...any suggestions for upsweeping?
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I can sweep going down, but I can't bring it back up ...any suggestions for upsweeping?

Practice more and better.
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And, I guess you could try and do the Piano intro (to New Born) as sweep guitar, just look at the tabs. It's all one chord shape in one position, just adding or removing on finger every bar, fairly simple really.
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I would suggest practicing those shapes with some distortion. I was really impressed with my progress playing them clean, then I hit my grunge pedal and it sounded absolutely awful -- open strings ringing out. Time to slow back down and work on my muting.