Hey, I'm trying to decide on a good low cost recording setup. I've read through the forums and found some pretty good info. I'm thinking about these for my setup-

Mxl 990/991 with the M-audio preamp at guitar center- 99.00$

Yamaha mg10/2 mixer ~100.00

Magicstomp MKII

Will the preamp work with the non phantom powered channels on the mixer when all the mic ports are in use? Should I just use the mic channels? Will this work well with a guitar attached at the same time with the mics?

What kind of outputs does the Yamaha have? Will it work well with a computer or would I have to go through a lot of adapters to get the sound to my computer?

I was going to use the Inspire 1934 but I found the Yamaha. It has four mic channels plus the other ports. Seems like a better deal to me but i don't have a bunch of experience on this kinda thing.
dont get a yamaha mixer, they are more of a live mixer and eat your mic recording. i would suggest either a peavey or a mackie. peavey would probly be the best. well i have never had a problem with what your sayin about the phantom power. also get a shure sm57 for recording guitar, its probly your best bet. and you are going to need a bit more money. or else you will be better off using a webcam mic for recording.
So like a Peavey pv8 or a pv14? I'll be doing a lot of Acoustic recording as well as electric so I'll probably get a sm57 in adittion to the other two.
yamaha MGs are great mixers but you dont need one for recording..

see my sig for the videos.

You need an audio interface
a computer
and a sequencer....
well and mics too but that's if you are not going to DI.

I see you want to record acoustic, vocal, and electric. For that I say go with the Inspire 1394. That interface is great for the price IMO. You'll want a condenser for vocals and acoustic guitar. The 57 will work but the MXL sounds much better IMO. I have a review in the R&R section of these mics.

The magicstomp has two 1/4" outputs...they should be able to run into the instrument inputs of the 1394 interface using two TS cables. I run a magicstomp and its a great unit. I also have a review of that in my youtube page.

As I said, read the stickies at the R&R section and see my videos. Loads of new members have said they are very helpful videos.

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Yeah I watched your videos before. They were very in depth and helpful. So i guess I'll go for the Inspire. With that could I run the guitar to the magicstomp and then to the 1394 to record in stereo? Nice. I wish they made a more budget digital mixer, you know less than like 1500 dollars. I'd love the convenience on hooking everything up, plugging it into my computer and being able to physically adjust the bass, mid, etc. but I guess I'll just have to do it on the computer. Will the MXLs work for recording an electric through an amp? Your review is how i decided on the magicstomp. Great effects for the price.
yep you can either get some TRS - XLR cables (which I would opt for)
or you can try running to the 1/4" instrument inputs on the interface.

Either way you should be fine running the magicstomp into the interface.

There are mixer/interfaces however the mixer portion is pointless IMO....
Then there's the PreSonus FP10 which has 8 inputs...just as good as a mixer but without all of the controls. You mix with software these days. The hardest part is wiring your mics to the front panel haha.

I tend to use an SM57 to mic cabs however the 991 should work well on amp cabs as well.
Is there any sound quality difference between the TRS-XLR cable and just running a TRS to the instrument input?
nope they both sound the same...just different shape. They are both balanced 3 point connections.

I'm not sure if the outputs of the Magicstomp are TRS balanced...they most likely are simple TS unbalanced however running TRS or TRS-XLR cables should work without any problem.