Hey can anyone please help me. T_T
I am totally guitar noob...
I got a guitar and everything...
Can anyone provide me with what to LEARN STEP by STEP so I can play this song called One More Time One More Chance?
The tab is here...

I want to learn everything I need so I can play this...
Can anyone provide me multiple links with WHAT I NEED, not the basic links like UltimateGuitar because I don't know exactly what to learn and stuff. -.-.
I tried YouTube tutorials and still don''t know exactly what to learn... ._.

Like what do I learn to learn?
EX. C,D,E,F, chord, then notes? then what?
first, you need to learn to read tab. Then learn the chords. Then take it from there.
this is a hard song for a noob as it requires finger picking, i would suggest starting out where everyone else does, learn open chords and barre chords and pick up some easier strumming songs. Everything is a process, don't jump the gun and expect to play well in the beginning work hard at learning to play, and then try to learn the song
oh yeah and learning proper technique is a must, google is your best friend look up how to play guitar and begin with the basics
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