Well i wanted to know how many of you have tried the mexican made telecaster. what do you think of it? does it have a good sound?, it is better than a mexican strat? how about the looks the endurance etc. please respond.

I have a band, i play regurlaly gigs here in caracas venezuela. is it up to live playing.?

is it loud? i know is a dumb question but my yamaha eg112 (wich sucks by the way) plays very quietly. and is a huge problem.

SORRY bad english...
what genre?? and pesonally i think the regular telecasters are f*** ugly and the humbucker ones are sexy, there! that's my opinion, got that world
i like my Deluxe Tele it kicks. it's one of the only nice tele's I think. I can't really help you out with the Mexican on things like endurance cus I've only tried instores. the sound is pretty good. it sounds like a tele. and you can't say if a strat or tele is better it's what you prefer
MIM standard these days, you wanna try em yourself before you buy em
their QC is just messy..... but if you ever find one that's well built, they are pretty decent guitars
the quality in general is the same as MIM strats (again, some are poorly built, some are well built)

though, if you do a lotta live gigs, i would swap out the pickups for a better one (suited for your genre), which many people do when they get MIM standards