I'm about to buy a nice tube amp for myself but I have no idea what to get. I've been playing for about a year and a half now on a tiny amp I made from an altoid can and some basic electronics and it's about time to 'move on.'

I play primarily indie rock, and I don't often load up with too much distortion (though I do play basic lead stuff as well). I like a real nice, round, thick, somewhat bassy sound, but unless I really like the amp's distortion I'll be playing through pedals so that doesn't necessarily matter.

I'm playing with a ****ty Squier and I will probably keep playing on that for awhile, so my guitar won't need to impact the amp I buy that much.

The amp will be used for gigging as well as practice and recording.

I'm going to go to my local guitar shop to check out amps this weekend, but some recommendations to base my perusing on would be nice.

Price range, probably under $1,000.

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One of the highly claimed 5watt tube amps maybe? I have heard they are quite treble and mid filled though. Price within reason doesnt tell anything.
Well I've been researching tube amps massively lately, so perhaps I can help.

First, the obvious questions. Price range? Combo or .5 stack preferred? Would you prefer a new guitar or maybe a new guitar and a somewhat lesser amp?

But as to just tube amps in the mid gain range, Fender is a good one. Sparklingly famous cleans, OD w/ pedal works, I'm not personally familiar with the amp's overdrives. The new Champs are going pretty cheap I think. 300 bucks for 3 tubes and some effects, 15W. But the GC website calls it hybrid, so I'm not sure...

Anyways, there's also the new Bugera line. They aren't on the GC website but they are on Zzounds. They go from 600-700 I do believe, and a lot of people are loving them. Might want to try them.

If you're into the higher price range, Carvin, Mesa, high end Peavey, but I think those are to be tested and not really just "selected".
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If you don't need a lot of a wattage then a deluxe reverb would be right up your alley. Crank up the volume on it and use the volume knob on your guitar for gain control, turn it down for cleans and dime it for a lead tone. They take pedals pretty well too.
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Indie Rock= AC30H2.

That's my suggestion since no budget was specified.
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Indie Rock= AC30H2.

That's my suggestion since no budget was specified.

Heheh, oh do I wish.

Edited the OP to be a bit more specific.
In that case new/used Laney VC30 or used AC30CC.

IDK, though. If you can stretch, you might be able to get the AC30 head and a cheap cab.