Okay, I'm really into all the open-source OS stuff, and I'm really in to the idea of getting Ubuntu on one of my PCs. I would download it onto my primary machine (an HP Desktop running Vista Home Premium), however, when I tried to install it the first time I ****ed up something during the installation and my hard drive got corrupted. Luckily, I was able to restore my PC to the original factory condition, but now, I'm afraid to try to install it again, and now, I'm asking if buying a Dell laptop with Ubuntu preinstalled would be a good idea...

Well, is it?
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If you don't plan on running any games on it, I don't see why not.

I don't PC game...so yeah.

EDIT: It's going to be strictly for web surfing, IMing, and watching DVDs on long flights.
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Well no OS is permanent so if you don't like Ubuntu on it you could install Windows. Or even dual-boot.
Theres plenty of tutorials on installing and running linux systems through google.
But Ubuntu shouldn't be too tough, run the live cd and just be careful at the partitioning portion of the install.
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