ok so i am been playing guitar for a few month, i have a epip beginner package from a friend but as i progress and gain bit experience, i realize it sound like crap


i just found a guitar in my uncle house about 30 year old and i think it play pretty good. i am not expert so i post pic here since i can not find any info about that guitar. i posted a thread here week ago but i dont get any info either but wth, i just gonna post it again. it a Yamaha SJ550HR. i



ok so now my question is what should i do with my money, i have about 250-300 dollars so should i keep the esp ltd f-50 i just bought or should i return it and buy good amp and play with the Yamaha for a while and save up to buy better ESP guitar since i always wanted an ESP guitar.

if u think i should buy an AMP then which one is good for my budget? and also, i mostly play metal
Well............ I'd say keep the ESP and save up for a better amp. Cause a good guitar is only half the equation.

So, for amps, since you play mostly metal, and i dont know if your planning on getting a pedal chain. I'd have to say a Line 6 spider, they have good metal distortion built in, and some decent onboard FX.