I am borrowing this amp from a friend for this weekends shows since my amp wont be loud enough, I cant find any good settings really.

Can you guys who have this amp post the settings your using so I can try from there and adjust?


BTW, its a hardcore band I play for if that helps.
Well i owned the 2x10 version and really it only has a 3 band sweep EQ and a (NOTCH) Mid Boost/Cut and a HORN ATTENUATER ,on the rear panal--- basically you can scoop the mids (Bass 7 Mid 3 Treb 7) and that will sound good for heavy music but you wont cut through the band....you can add mids to help this. One rule ive learned is to start all setting at 5 (12oclock) and kinda add and subtract the sounds/tone you dont like...

The NOTCH is something youll have to get a taste for it can boost your sound in the MID FREQUENCY RANGE...theres 5 preset "STYLES" i liked 4...gotta try em i think 3 is a flat

get the acoustic b100 its cheaper and it is well worth the price
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i put bass at 1 o' clock possition
treble at 11 o' clock
style at 3
mids in the mid
thats all i remember, i deperately want the amp, just cant afford it
Try adding more delay.