What if there was a band/jam where there were 3 guitar players, Slash, Michael Angelo Batio, and Eddi Van Halen were all in one band with the drummer being Neil pert, and the bass player Niki six, and the singer Robert plant.
I'd sound like poop because every would be playing over each other

too many cooks spoil the broth
That wouldn't last very long.

Eddie would go back to rehab, Sixx would go back to Motley Crue, Slash would tour with Velvet Revolver while promising Chinese Democracy next year, Robert Plant has enough money already, Neil Peart will find something else to do.

MAB will be all alone, and will sell his signature lasagne.

Supergroups sadly never last too long. Usually because of how different everyone in the band is.
um i wanna do one!!!!!! darrle abbot,kerry king,chris addler,cliff burton and corey taylor
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Nikki Sixx kinda ruined it.

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stop making so many stupid threads.
fantasy band threads have been made many times before, ok?
[Insert Witty Reply Here]

... I couldn´t think of anything...
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when coming up with a band of the most talented musicians, how did you end up with nikki six on bass? hahahaha

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They would probably sound like God's very own tas- motherfcuking search "supergroups" before making another redundant thread
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