So, i just got a new Crate FW120, 2x12,
and i cant seem to get a decent tone out
of it, without getting horrible feedback.

Note that my volume is at 7.

I dont know what the problem is, as
it wasnt happening a week ago.

Anybody know why its happening
or how to fix it without compromising
much tone?

This only happens when the Gain goes above 3,
which isnt nearly enough =\
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Don't stand so close to the amp. Turn the volume down, and the gain up. (I'd turn the mids up to. Where are your mids set?)
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lol, the room my band practices in is about 9x9,
with 5 guys in it, theres not much i can go, but i'll try.

the only problem is im lead guitar, and i'll be drown by
drums if i go much quiter.

Mids are usually around 4-6.
Well turn the gain up. Volume down. Treble down maybe as well (as this can cause feedback.) If all else fails, maybe it's a bad connection somewhere in the amp/guitar.
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