Its a cheap 80 watts guitar amplifer that has a box hole at the back.
it has 4 inputs than i can connect my electric guitar through...
1 at the front the input - for the gtar
and 3 at the back of the amp , cd input, send input, footswitch input....
now i want to connect my headphones/earphones to the amp but i dont know which one of the input i should connect my guitar jack in....

what are these inputs at the back of my amp for....

CD - ?

could i use my headphones/earsphones on them so i can listen quietly?????
cd- is if u wanna jam with your cd player. or ipod. U buy an adapter for it. idk what the other ones do.
You can't use your headphones with any of those. Here's what they do (I think):

>CD Input is like a second input so that you can play backing tracks through the amp as you are playing. Or alternatively you could plug another guitar in there, though it would sound like ass.

>Send Input is something to do with an FX loop I think. Not sure what though.

>Footswitch is for connecting up a footswitch to change channels. Plugging in a guitar or headphones does nothing here.
Send Input is like a recording out for example at our church i plug my guitar into my amp and then use another cord through the send channel to the Sound board
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Send works with headphones, mixers, ect.
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thanks then, so can i use connect my cd player then to the cd input and use the amp as a speaker?

and can i use my headphones on the send input???

can i connect my wah at the footswitch input? or can i connect a extra distortion pedal to the footswitch input???