Check it out! All I have is a drum loop for the beat, so it may sound like it needs to freshen up in that way but otherwise I'm proud of it. Give it a couple seconds to start.
"Point Oh Ate"
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It's cool man I'd like to hear some vocals though, but other than that I really like it instrumentally, it could turn into a pretty awesome song. Just one thing you really gotta fix the guitar tone its awful, I understand your probably on a budget setup but I'm sure you could do better than that.

Crit mine?

Yeah I thought this was great. Very 311-ish which is good because tons of people like that. I think the overly-distorted guitar sound may have been what you were going for, but maybe a little more treble could help you bring out some of the natural harmonics that alt rock bands like 311 like to play around with. I loved the riffs and the rhythm guitar playing was right on. You guys are solid rhythmically which is really what it takes to be a good band. I'd be interested in hearing this with some vocals because I think they could really define the genre and band. Great job! Mind critting mine?
thanks guys! I dunno what to say about my guitar tone...it's the best I could squeeze out of what I work with, but I'll continue to try to make it better.