I've been playing guitar for 3-4 months now and been playing trumpet for 6 years. i took up guitar because i listen to more guitar rock kinda stuff then jazz for my trumpet so i picked up guitar and got my skills from my trumpet: rhythm and hearing, chords, scales so I'm not a total nub or noob. But of course there is those dramatic differences between the two instruments.

My Problem(lawl)
I'm having a problem choosing between (preferably) single effect pedals (than those 2-in-one that i see dont get as good reviews) or the true all in one multi effect pedals.

Just in case here is what i got as my first guitar stuff


i love it without a doubt even though its really basic but hey its my first!

so now for the pedals. if i were to buy single pedals i was thinking of getting pedals from BOSS. chorus/OD/DS/flanger something like that. but would it be a better value and better to get a multi-effect stomp box. i hear that usually their sounds are really digital but they have just about all the effects in it.

looking to but a nice solid one up to the 300 mark or around there. so give me ideas tips whatever would help me decide on the what to do and what not to do.

here were some of my multi-effect ideas


Well what effects are you really interested in? If you're not sure what you want a multi-effects unit would be good for trying out stuff before you upgrade.
Multi effects pedals are great, but you may regret getting one later once you start to develop an ear for tone.

Single pedals are a lot better if you are really picky about your tone, but if you just want to play for fun and mess around a multi effects would be great.
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it depends on alot of things ... if u just got your frist guitar but u have sum cash i miltifx pedal with wha is cool ... getting tones of stomp boxes it pricey but they wil b mostly high quality... for me a have a dighitech rp 250 .. it cool .. lotsa fun stuff to play with but the distortion is prity dighital .. i us mi new amp 4 distortion and fx pedal ex and fun:P
I Shit You Not
i'm looking to buy a distortion, overdrive, flanger (or chorus) and possibly a shifter pedal. but if i were to buy pedals i know bosses are all 9v battery powered but what about connecting them together, do they all come with chords?