So, my guitar is out for repairs that cost about $135 that I don't have.
I'm going crazy without it and i'm bored out of my mind.
What do you do when you're guitarless?
What are you're guitar substitutes?
*despratly wants to sing and play guitar/write songs*
call me Shelby

You only have one guitar?
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You only have one guitar?

thats what I was thinking.

I'm never guitarless because... well, I have too many to count. mostly inherited. I haven't even played all of them.
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That's why you should have multiple guitars.

Also, get a job so you can pay it off...
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If you live near a guitar store, go play all of the high end ones they have there. I did that when I travled and couldn't take a guitar. I pretended like I was seriously considering buying some really expensive acoustics.
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What are you're guitar substitutes?
*despratly wants to sing and play guitar/write songs*

Stretch a bunch of elastic bands across the round opening on a kleenex box.
I would never ever ever part with my axe. **** that, ill watch you fix it and if you cant do it in one day ill come back tomorrow.
No, I have an electric too, but it needs a lot of work done too, even thought it was fine before I left for a month
I'm just getting my acoustic done because I like it Sooooo much better.
I can't stand my electrics tone, and the strings need to be replaced, and the head needs work, so yeah. I might just sell it lol
annnd, I can't deal with a job, school And a social life
I want something creative to take it out on
annnd, My friends are not around
call me Shelby

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I have four guitars, plus one I can use when ever. Plus I do repairs my self. No time to make money, and no time to spend it.
Or you could try to put the guitar out of your mind for the few days that it's gone, and learn to play a new intrument(harmonica, banjo, piano, xylophone, timpani, trombone, mandolin, recorder, shakuhachi flute, the list in endless...)
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get some friends

Huh? What are those?

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My signature has doubled...
I've been guitarless for the last 2 months (and I still have a month to wait). I've moved country and all my gear is being shipped...and of course I chose the cheapest shipping option I could find.
i know how you feel bud, i've been guitarless for about a month now. and considering i just got my RG1570 2 months ago after a long hiatus, it's killing me.

i sent it for a pro setup and also get a tremsetter installed, and it's taking forever
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I was recently guitarless for a week and a half and I wanted to shoot myself ahah, went on a trip but my rents didn't let me bring my guitar I basically found something to keep my mind off of it and keep me occupied. Seemed to work!
get a tissuebox and put elastic bands around it (length wise)

cut a hole in the top of it and put a kitchen roll tube in the end, and draw on the frets

away you go...miniture guitar!