Hey, on my electric guitar with a Floyd Rose, I'm trying to set the intonation on the lowest E string. I know how to set the intonation and I've set it for all of the others, but on the lowest string I'm still flat - and I can't go back any further with the saddle.

What do I do?
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Well, you COULD file away part of the back of the saddle. Other than that, you're prolly screwed, short of relocating the bridge, which is more trouble than it's worth.
Is there only 1 hole that the screw screws into? Im just saying, on some trems there is a set of holes further up than the other, in order to achieve the correct intonation.

All the way back huh? Hmm, is the fine tuner all the way up and the string in perfect tune?
I had this on my LFR too. Its almost like the bridge is either too far forward or the baseplate for the FR isnt long enough to set intonation properly. Best you can do is get it as close as you can without moving the bridge like Invader Jim said.
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