i'm using eguitar of ROCKER Music Tools RG-100.anyone know it ????? I don't know this guitar of country??? HELP ME
I have to use these crappy strings occasionally when I break one, and the local music store isn't open... they're utter crap, in my opinion.
Don't even start out on it...it sucks! I'd rather start out on an acoustic...
I actually have the Rocker stuff it blows...alot
Walmart - Is there anything they dont sell?

"I bought my mum from there :O"
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...depends ... I sound sh*t nd i'm James Hetfield!

- This is why we Love Ultimate Guitar
I've played one of their Strat knockoffs (RG-100) for a good 4 years so far. It was my 1st guitar (impulse buy no less) although I got the strings swapped out for Ernie Balls later. Honestly it sounds half-decent through a Fender Twin Reverb at a local music store, although playing an actual Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster through said amp made the Rocker guitar sound like crap. Next guitar will probably be a Fender of some form though, at least this one made me get used to the general Strat feel.