Okay, so our band has been shopping for multiple guitars over the past few weeks, and today, we got everything we needed in the instrument department. Now, we need some new amps, which is the purpose of this thread.

I've had the same Marshall JVM 1960 Stack for about 10 years now, and I got rid of my MG 2x12 this morning. I now need either a new stack, or a 2x12 that I can run through a large stack of cabs. I really don't like Fender amps or Laney amps, so anything else will do and I really don't wanna go over $2,400. That might be a bit much. Anyway, All suggestions appreciated.

Ibanez SAS32EX
Caparison TAT II
Music Man JP 6
ENGL Fireball 60
ENGL Pro Greenback 4x12