What do you think is more energy-efficient, buying a brand spanking new Hybrid, or buying a used car?
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A new hybrid. If its already been prodcued before you buy it, you're not using any more materials than you would if you bought the used car, but it would also lower emissions.
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I'd say hybrid, though I don't know much about them so go to a dealer. If you don't have to travel far though than save yourself some money and ride a bike. I ride one since I don't have to go far everyday and only use my car like on fridays and the weekend.
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proly a hybrid i think .. but i would jsut buy a normal car with a same engine to b energy eficiat.. hybrids cost to much
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BOO HYBRIDS. In a place like Vermont(Where I live) it's not really any use in buying a hybrid. because you're never going slow enough to use the electric motor. Unless you're in one of the 3-4 major cities. I's just buy a very efficient car or get a diesel powered vehicle and set it up to run on vegetable oil ( Or other oils like it)
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+1 i take the bus everywhere i go. its awsome cause sometimes hot chicks get on it. and by the looks of TS i dont see any chicks getting in his car any time soon.
If you want to be really fuel efficient get a volkswagen diesel model. Sure, everyone will think you're a loser, but you'll get twice the mileage of a hybrid.
The used car.

The environmental damage caused during the production of the nickel hydride batteries currently used in hybrid cars is not offset by what very small amount of gas you save, and thusly the fewer CO2 emissions you produce, by driving one.

Read this for further knowledge on that particular subject: http://www.ncpa.org/sub/dpd/index.php?Article_ID=14304

In all honesty, Toyota's Prius and Camry Hybrids are a ruse, a huge PR story, cars conceived to build a positive, "green" image for an automaker that builds more gas-guzzling SUVs and pickups than most any other manufacturer, including General Motors. When it comes right down to it, a Hummer H2 is more environmentally friendly than a Toyota Hybrid.

Like one other poster said, you are better off with buying a VW model with a diesel engine right now instead of a hybrid car. Honestly, the real-world mileage for a Prius isn't that impressive; you'll usually hear about someone getting between 36 to 41 MPG highway and that's a pretty far cry from what most people expect.

Also, starting next year, GM will build a non-hybrid compact sedan called the Cruze, which will replace the Cobalt, and it's rated at 40 MPG, just as good as the real-world MPG of the supposedly "superior" hybrid Prius. And it runs on regular gasoline.

Honestly, when you step back and look at the reality of the situation, there is little reason to consider a hybrid. CAFE standards for fuel economy in the United States have been raised to a mandatory 35 mpg by 2020 and that does mean cars will become more fuel efficient across the globe since automakers are trying to work themselves away from the ever-so-costly practice building models for a specific region and trying to build models that will work in more than one market. And you should start seeing the first of these better, more fuel efficient models in the very near future as automakers scramble to meet the deadline.
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if you can find one get a geo metro. mine gets 50 mpg. when it runs....

Don't forget about the identical Suzuki Swift, too.

Primal, you do know you can sell that car for a quite tidy profit, right? People are wanting Metros again and apparently there aren't enough used examples to go around.