anyone got tabs for this song cant find it in the tab section
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eh... I just googled tabs for this song and this thread is about as good as its getting.

Cool story behind the tune:

So the other day I was just practicing chords and messing around on the Strat and Ive been stuck on a chord progression that wont die in my head.

Super simple:
B - G - F# (all major chords)
I play the A shaped B chord. I leave my barring index finger over the 2nd fret and hammer on the B and F# chords (major chord over minor pent scale). The G scale I just kind of play some arpeggio type riff. Really simple, really catchy.

If someone has more I would love to see it... its a killer tune and shows why Hendrix was best. Most expressive guitar player I have ever heard.
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