Hello UG, I just got a guitar with active emg pickups.
When i play it through my amp it sounds fine. really good actually.
BUT i tried playing it through my pod 2.0 which is hooked up to my computer.
I get this really low output sound. All of the high gain settings sound clean and are at low volume. The pod works fine with a guitar with passive pickups.
Can anyone help me?
The active output of EMGs is too much for digital units. The high output clips the front end of digital and solid state amps. This is just a rule of thumb. No way around it. When using digital preamps, Always use passive pickups.
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thanks for your replies. But im confused.... I see people with pods and active pickups on youtube and they sound great
There has to be something else going on here, there's no way that active pickups would cause it to sound clean purely on the preface that you're using active pickups.

Sorry I really don't have the answer to your question though, I've never really used a POD with anything that wasn't already setup to use on it at a shop, but I know my TonePort has "Padded" and "Regular" inputs, the padded being for active pickups. I'm not sure if the POD has them, or something similar, or not though
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i think you are right MatrixClaw. However i used a guitar with passive pickups and it worked fine. Does anyone else have this problem? or maybe im missing something.
Does that Pod have any kind of gain or input control?

This may not be relative but my Digitech Rp250 has a sweep control for amp gain vs mixer gain from 1 to 100. That is the only thing I could think of after Matrix's comment. 'Cause that makes sense too.

Can you do thru amp too or are you only Computer?

no i dont think the pod has a control like that. I tested the guitar through my amp and it works fine.
guitar > amp = fine
guitar > pod = not so muc
i haven't tried guitar > pod > amp yet but i will tomorrow