stuck in the middle
between the cat and the fiddle
they are dancing around the fact
that keeps growing little by little

rolling towards these weighted pins
they don't realize they're all rigged
it's no more a fair game than it is a physics quiz
the score is telling me to run, far away

this competition needs to end
i need to start being a friend
get me back on this track towards grace
i can't look in the mirror at this face

hope has fled, this maze has just begun
direction is dead, if only this was just one
but one of a million is more the case
i cant seem to find my way, cant seem to escape

a collection of sounds is all this has become
there's not much reason, rhyme, or moral
just that things are never quite done
even after the jester's dance is over

so...i realize this is more of a poem...but pretend its not, becuase i'll put music to it.
comments and criticism appreciated! thanks
hmmmm i don't get its meaning whatsoever....so naturally i love it. I think you could make it flow better but im not sure how exactly. Anyways it does need a little tweaking but its not bad.
great poem. Love the flow And rhyme. There is some stuff that could be done to make it alittle better. But overall it is a great poem or song. I am curious though how you r going to put music to it. If u do. Put an mp3 up I would love to her it.