Hey UG haven't posted any lyrics in a while. Anyways enjoy c4c


Sever, so clever,
Never the one to fire,
Detonation over psalms,
Those awkwardly beautiful calms.

On your front porch,
Wielding a torch,
Causing your cries,
Extinguishing lies,
Nowhere to fly,
Dare you to try,
Flight is your choice,
Poor men rejoice.

Can’t you see the promise land?
Are you too blind to trust?
The land you love just isn’t enough,
End the barbaric bloodlust.

Preach the unreachable,
Kill the un-teachable,
Spill the last palette,
War……isn’t it beautiful.

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The lines "Those awkwardly beautiful calms." and "End the barbaric bloodlust." are kind of awkward. The rhythm just doesn't fit.

And "War……isn’t it beautiful." feels kind of weak after a pretty powerful stanza.

Otherwise, this is pretty good. Has kind of an eerie, impending doom kind of vibe.