I have a start that is made out of walnut I need new pups for it, any recommendations?
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures.
I want something geared towards experimental/progressive/indie sound.

Its a old custom made strat from 70's needing new pups.

Randall: RX120RHS and a Vox: Pathfinder 15R.


No more then $200.
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures.
Some of the magnets don't work, just want something to bring the guitar back from the dead really.
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures.
Gotcha. Well, my favorite single coil pickups are from rockmonkeyguitars.com.
They're mostly geared towards classic rock, but most single coil pickups are, anyway.

He gives a 10% discount to UGers.

I think a set of his Smooth Groove Custom Extra Warm's would do the trick. Wound as hot as he can with formvar wire, there's plenty of punch.