another attempt at songwriting. In my head, i'm thinking of a deep, soundgarden or alice in chains style riff and beat.

Something in my mind’s not right
Nothing more, I want to die
I’ve forever lost the fight
All alone I want to die

Fall on dark and lonely days
Lay in my room I fade away
I don’t want to see your face
All alone I’m torn away

I’ll never see you again
You don’t know what
You’ve done to me

I must escape what lies within
You’ll never know what
You’ve done to me

I have been through better times
All those years ago, seem twisted by
This darkness that once again is mine
To feel, is it all just a lie

Poison myself with memories
All alone I cannot breathe
Can't live with myself, so hard to be
You'll never know what you'e done to me

Repeat chorus

~comments? questions? complaints?
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