Both songs go up to the first chorus. I recorded them last night, lemme know what you think about the ideas.

Songs are on my profile.
Bumpin' cause you're boners.

I guess kinda influensed by Evergreen Terrace and Emarosa. Go listen I blow horse balls with genres.
Song 1: At first, assuming its on guitar, very RATM-like, with the effects and whatnot. Did you record the drums too, or are they a sample? Anyways, it's not really my style, but the recording turned out great. One thing to add of course would be (besides vocals) is something to make it sound slightly more unique, like repeating that guitar passage.

Song 2: Same stuff as first one, just didn't like the chord progression. I thought it sounded kinda sloppy in some parts (not that I could do better), but overall recording turned out great.

C4C? Mine's here. You don't have to rate all of them, just one please https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=944228
I can't wait to hear the finshed songs, man that guitar effect on the first song was awesome and then the way you came it with the other guitar and the drums was just really rockin. Are you going to add vocals? Btw great job on the drums if you played them that was really good and if there loops than they where really believeable....

Crit mine?