There's a movie I saw a long time ago about this guy who died in a race where the cars are raced off a cliff or something along those lines. And he comes back as a ghost to help out his little brother or something like that and both of them get into one of those races again but the kid survives or something like that..its really a slim memory, I remember at the end though, the ghost went up an escalator up to "heaven" and Stairway to Heaven plays as the credits roll by. its kinda like a Grease spin off, but its not much of a comedy at all.

Anyway, If any of you know what I'm talking about please let me know the title of the movie so i can go and watch it, as I've been dying to see it recently.
not sure about Stairway being in it tho, Zep is picky about letting their music into films
reminds me of the original Speed Racer cartoon where Speed races in his brother's memory, who allegedly died in a horrible racing accident, though little does Speed or his family know that the brother survived and now races as the mysterious Racer X.

^ notice how i put all of that into a single sentence, just like the cartoon used to do.
u kno i forgot the name of this movie too, then asked on a forum and found out what it was and watched it again, lol, weird
Trust me its not Casper

its THE HEAVENLY KID, imdb it

There you go! I've been dying to see this forever, thanks a lot guys.

EDIT: and yeah it wasn't Zeppelin, wrong thing.
sounds exactlty the sixth man with the wayans dudes in it... but its a basketball movie...
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Man there's not a single place to watch it...damn it, oh well thanks guys, guess I'm gonna to search for it more tomorrow.