so i just formed this new band, we are all 13 or 14 year olds and its taken a little over a year to get together with the best muscians in my area of our age.
well anyways, from our first practice together we recorded a few songs. we used my sisters macbook and used to built in microphone and garageband. we had to put the laptop 2 rooms over and close both doors because it was too loud it just was static'y.
we tried putting blankets and pillows over it, that didnt work. so now the music sounds kinda muffled. expecially on wonderwall (listen here www.myspace.com/rear9)

Any ideas on what to set the computer at to help it or different ideas we can use to make it sound better. thanks in advance.

P.S. Sorry if this comes off as advertising, if it looks like it to you ill just edit out the myspace link.
either go direct in to garage band, or individually do each track with the built in mic.

with what you have, those are your two best options

with spending money, buy mics, and a mixer.
or, alternatively, go to a recording studio.
Let me just say that you sound amazing on "can you see me". Seriously. You should just continue making songs like that and call yourself a garage band. Then you wont need to waste your time worrying about things like fidelity.
You're probably gonna have to buy some stuff. You can get started for relatively cheap though.
My first recording set-up cost me about 70 bucks. It was like a $30 dollar behringer mixer and 2 $20 mics that I bought off of musicians friend.

Heres some stuff I got out of it with relatively little effort: http://www.myspace.com/platypistudios
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