I got a new set of headphones that can plug into the amp inputs, so I was hoping that I'd be able to plug them in and listen to my guitar through the headphones and not the speakers. I was able to get sound through the headphones, but unfortunately sound still came through the speakers. I tried every plug in on the amp and the speakers never disabled, except for instances when I couldn't get sound from the headphones either. I considered unplugging the speakers and plugging in my headphones, but there is a notice on the amp that says "NEVER OPERATE WITHOUT SPEAKERS CONNECTED". I know it's stupid to ask, but should I really heed the warning? Is it really important to have the speakers connected, because I just need sound for the headphones

Thanks for your help ^_^
Do you really want an amplifier intending to drive a couple of 12" speakers, pumping directly into your ears?
Do not unplug the speakers. If there is a big warning on it, then maybe you shouldn't do it. Is there an output specifically for headphones?

Also, these types of questions are better for Guitar Gear & Accessories. This forum is for music theory, musicianship, and technique related questions.

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