First of all sorry if this is the wrong genre.

But anyways, does metallica write their own music? I heard today that they do the instrumental stuff but that someone else writes their lyrics? Is this true? Some kid told me that their St. Anger album sucked because they actually made the whole thing themselves. Just wanted some insight.

uhh... wow.

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wth does that have to do anything.......i love metallica and i heard this and didn't think it was true so i'm just trying to reinforce my opinion.
hetfield writes all the lyrics. the reason the st anger lyrics sucked was because the whole band got involved in writting lyrics.
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in the cd booklet, just behind the tracks titles its said who wrote it
usually like this Ulrich/Hetfield/Burton
most of the people i know who don't like st. anger don't not like it because of the lyrics..
darn, did i just do a double negative
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ok thanks thats what i was getting at. such a relief

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hey distorted did you know that gulible is not in the dictionary!! its amazing

very funny

i figured it was bs but i told them i would ask the ug community to back me up

St. Anger was bad because the band lacked an actual bassist at the time (Bob Rock fulfilled many bass duties apperently), as well as the band writing the songs differently than they usually do, that and their was a therapist there, and i swear i saw kirk hammet say in an interview "I don't wanna do normal guitar solos anymore"

Now if something innovative had come out of that last statemeant then everything proceeding it could be forgiven, but alas it didn't and it's not.
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